Meet the team

Faces you will see in Tahunanui Community Hub

Ventura Fitzgerald
Amy Aitken
Passionate about fostering community connections, I am an Admin & Counsellor based in Tahunanui. With a love for this vibrant area, I enjoy the diverse range of cafes, restaurants, and bars that create a lively atmosphere. My role at the Tahunanui Community Hub allows me to engage with the friendly and caring community, providing support during times of need. Equipped with administrative expertise and recent counselling qualification, I strive to create a nurturing environment where individuals can thrive where I bring a fresh perspective to enhance community collaborations.


Jac Stevenson

As the Chairperson of the Tahunanui Community Hub, I bring a strong sense of community and a background in teaching, sports, and event management. I love the close-knit community of Tahunanui, with its convenient access to amenities and activities for families. The Community Hub is a much-needed gathering place, offering support and leisure activities. I'm passionate about supporting young families and the elderly, ensuring their integration, and preventing isolation. With my experience in diverse communities, including sports clubs and Maori heritage, I aim to foster a sense of togetherness and provide valuable support to the community.


Kaz Carr

Passionate about community engagement, I serve as Tahunanui Hub's Board Secretary. I promote connections by showcasing our beautiful beaches, eateries, and playing fields. With effective communication skills, I bridge the community-Hub gap, ensuring the success of our diverse services, groups, events, and activities. Inspired by my children's educational journey, I'm dedicated to fostering growth and enhancing our community's fabric. As a detail-oriented organizer, I am honoured to contribute to a tightly knit Tahunanui through the Hub's shared experiences. Let's build connections and make a difference together.


Mike Smith

Experienced public servant, strategic thinker, and community advocate. I’m a new Board Member at Tahunanui Community Hub and want to help in the community. Expertise in all-of-government strategy, collaboration, and stakeholder relationships. Skilled communicator bridging sectors. Sprig regular, Nelson Tasman Business Trust mentor, and meals on wheels contributor. Passionate about unlocking Tahunanui’ s potential.


Campbell Rollo

Campbell is a dedicated community leader and advocate based in Nelson. With a background as a Nelson Youth Councillor and as a board member for the Tahunanui Community Hub, he is deeply involved in community development and engagement. Campbell is passionate about representing the voices of the city's youth and working towards their betterment. He understands the importance of fostering a strong and connected community, and his involvement with the Tahunanui Community Hub demonstrates his commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive space for residents. Campbell's experience and dedication make him an asset in driving positive change and building a thriving community in Nelson.